Alejandra The Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is probably my ultimate comic. Skeletons, motorcycles, fire, vengeance, and the struggle between good and evil. Marvel’s ‘Fear Itself’ event is probably one of the most complicated events that I have ever attempted to keep track of. Perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of the ‘Fear Itself’ Ghost Rider arc is that Johnny Blaze is no longer our skeletal avenger. Instead, a young girl Alejandra was chosen as the next rider. Alejandra was raised from birth by Adam (the antagonist of the arc and the first man created by God) in a temple in South America. Did I forget to mention that not only is Alejandra a woman, but one who isn’t white? Radical. Anyway, Alejandra was trained to be a warrior for God to eliminate sin. When she was chosen to be the rider, she wasn’t Johnny Blaze’s girlfriend or sister, she is her own person.

In the current four books, Alejandra is being controlled by Adam. He makes her eliminate the sin from every human- but just the one’s who deserve it. At first Alejandra fights back- but she cannot control the Rider’s vengeance when Adam uses himself as a conductor. At the final battle, with a little pep talk from Johnny (“There is no curse. Took me way to long to realize that. There’s only actions! Heaven and hell? Fuck ’em both! Be what you choose to be!”) she gains complete control over the Rider and blows Adam to pieces.

After reading Ghost Rider (1-4) I wanted to have a little fun. The image on the right is my interpretation of Alejandra as DC would have drawn her, and the image on the left is how Marvel drew her:

The costume is very ‘New 52’-esque. I tried to capture the spirit of the wolfish comments and posts I found on Marvel’s website about how Alejandra ‘needs to be hotter’. What isn’t hot about the image on the left? Other than the fact that she is a skeleton… I also made her carry a more ladylike kantana rather than wield an awesome scythe.

This is my interpretation of a few of the pages from Ghost Rider if they were done by DC:

“I thought there’d be stars. But all I see is color… surrounded by a hungry darkness.”

“I’m eighteen years old.”

“Until yesterday, I’d never left the lands surrounding the temple.”

“Never once been outside.”

“And now I’m going to save the entire human race.”




“And just like that.”

“I’m out.”

Instead of this being the Rider’s big moment of triumph over evil, rocketing back into Earth’s atmosphere on a space-bike, I’ve shown Alejandra with her legs spread open, hands in front of her crotch, with her unbelievable anatomy barely contained.

– Bat Cat

Next Week: My analysis of Voodoo (1-2)


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