The Power of ‘Voodoo’

…Who do? You do. Do What? Remind me of the babe.

Voodoo is the first non-white female superhero to get her own comic. That being said, Voodoo is a bisexual alien stripper who we first see on all fours with men throwing money at her. Now I have nothing against bisexuals, aliens, or strippers, but I don’t appreciate the fact that we are introduced to her on all fours. I meant to write about this comic a lot sooner than now, but it has taken me this long to decide how I feel about it.

A definite plus is the art of Sami Basri- who also worked on Power Girl. Basri’s style is clean, polished and much more flattering to the real female form than other comic book artists. Voodoo and the other strippers don’t look like they came out of Heavy Metal Magazine- they look like real women (but attractive) women with a range of body types and faces. That is one of my biggest pet peeves, when ‘hot’ people all have the same face (here’s looking at you shojo manga- which I love).

On the 3rd page we are introduced to my other favorite part of the series: Jess. Agent Jessica is an FBI operative who was sent, with her partner, to keep an eye on Voodoo. While her partner is busy getting a hard on in the strip club, Jess is outside beating the shit out of a bunch of assholes who thought a lady alone would be an easy target. And sure she sleeps with her partner, but it happens. I am, however, concerned about her future as a character.

Perhaps the biggest problem I have with this series is the character Voodoo herself. Now, Voodoo is an alien, shapeshifter, and telepath. In the comics she says that she is a stripper because it’s where she can learn about men because their guard is down. Now, does anyone really think that the thoughts of men are worthwhile while they are in a strip club? Not likely. Also, couldn’t she become a man and infiltrate their thoughts through other avenues? Yes. She could. But she doesn’t- you know why? In her original incarnation Voodoo discovered she was able to enhance her powers if she slept with many different men. This ultimately destroyed her marriage- obviously.

Now since I’ve only read up to the second comic, I am not going to comment on the flat characters and their contrived conversations.

Ultimately, the first two issues of Voodoo were enjoyable- but could go seriously wrong in the future.

-Bat Cat

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One thought on “The Power of ‘Voodoo’

  1. The Ron Marz issues of Voodoo were so good, it’s a huge shame they took him off the book. Voodoo and Agent Fallon were great examples of well written female characters, particularly in the even numbered issues if I remember correctly. The series was flawed and scarred by editorial interference and Voodoo’s problematic history but it seemed to be evolving into a clever look at what it means to belong and some of the issues of being a woman in our culture.

    I remember being at roughly the same point in the series and being shocked to realize that in the second month of a reboot that had put Batman in the hands of Scott Snyder, brought Aquaman and Wonder Woman far closer to their rightful place at the JLA table, and gave me back Dick Grayson – Nightwing that Voodoo might be the comic I was most looking forward to an issue 3 from.

    I could see in issue five and felt confident in issue six that the series was going downhill but I stuck with it on the hope that it would find it’s footing, out of respect to the story itself, and to let DC know that a villain’s perspective book staring a biracial woman of color featuring her games of cat and mouse with a competent respected woman in a high ranking position in the U.S. Government could sell. A shame they couldn’t tell Marz tell his story, it could have been good.

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