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Today the Federal Appeals Court declared California’s Proposition 8 unconstitutional! Now California is finally as gay as Iowa, Massachusetts,  New York, Delaware,  Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island! 8 down, 42 to go!

‎”Proposition 8 serves no purpose, and has no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California, and to officially reclassify their relationships and families as inferior to those of opposite-sex couples.” -Judge Stephen Reinhardt, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

A Q&A from the Mercury News sheds light on what may come next:

Q What is likely to happen after the 9th Circuit rules Tuesday?

A The losing side can ask the 9th Circuit to rehear the case with an 11-judge panel, a process known as en banc review. A majority of the 9th Circuit’s two dozen full-time judges must vote to rehear a case en banc, but this often occurs in high-profile cases where there is disagreement within the court. The losing side has 14 days to ask for such a rehearing. If the 9th Circuit refuses to grant the request, the next step is the U.S. Supreme Court.

Q How long will all this take?

A The legal fight over Proposition 8 isn’t likely to be concluded anytime soon. If the 9th Circuit rehears the case with an 11-judge panel, that appeal is likely to stretch through this year. And whatever the outcome in the 9th Circuit, the U.S. Supreme Court is almost certain not to get a look at the case before the upcoming presidential election.

Q What would be the impact of a 9th Circuit ruling declaring California’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional? Would it legalize gay marriage in all nine Western states covered by the 9th Circuit?

A It depends. The court can take a narrower approach and apply its ruling only to California, finding that Proposition 8 violates the rights of same-sex couples because it stripped away a previous right established in a California Supreme Court ruling in 2008 (Proposition 8 wiped that ruling off the books). Or the court can issue a more sweeping ruling that finds any such state ban unconstitutional, which would extend the ruling’s reach.

The battle for Love, as I like to call it, is far from over. But I leave you with this political cartoon:




3 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. Yey! One battle won but the war is still going. At least things are looking up over there ^^ We only get civil partnerships here in England. Apparently they will decide on same-sex marriage being legal or not in the next general election in 2015… That’s a while to wait…

    • *cough* David Cameron *cough* sucks *cough*

      (Sorry if you are a supporter- though I find it hard to believe since you are a regular on our site haha)

      Technically gay marriage isn’t legal yet in California, but it’s one step closer. Unfortunately, with our election season in full fervor, the Republican and Conservatives are threatening to end the court’s ability to decide important issues like this, and therefore making the President the ‘Decider’.

      Amazing how people who can be so ‘America!’ and ‘Back to the founding’ can be so fascist.

      If Obama doesn’t win in November, I have a feeling all progress that has been made will be wiped out and America will be flung into it’s own Middle Ages.

      When the torches are lit, I am sad to say feminists like myself and Joanna will be burned at the stake.

      • Meh. Politics aren’t my thing. They’re mostly all a bunch of liars anyway. With the candidates for prime-minister we get I’m not sure who would be any better or worse. :l

        Giving the president sole ability to decide is like changing America to a dictatorship right? That’s never worked out well for anybody…

        I hope you won’t go all Middle Age in America, what would I have look forward to on Tuesday and Thursday?

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