Avengers Assemble!

Hey, look, a new Avengers trailer!


And a new poster to go along with it:

(In case you’re like WTF, Avengers Assemble?, it’s the UK title, to avoid confusion with another movie called The Avengers.)

First of all, I think the new poster is a little boring. It’s only better than the first one because Black Widow’s not stuck in some impossible pose. I’m not a big fan of the “everyone looking different directions” effect, and why so much emphasis on Robert Downey Jr.’s face? (I know the answer to that question, but still.)

To return to the trailer: I’m glad to see that there will be some tension in the group (as seen when Iron Man and Thor go to superhero fisticuffs). I’m hoping that’ll add some depth to the story and its conflicts, since Loki is the main bad guy. I think that, generally, Joss Whedon is good at handling tension within allies, so I have high hopes for that part of the movie.

I’m also slightly more sold on the idea of Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. I’m still lukewarm to the idea of the dopey everyman playing Bruce Banner, but it seems like less of a bad idea than I thought at first. There is nothing wrong with Mark Ruffalo. But my mind was blown whenever he was announced as the new Hulk. I’d still like to know why he was considered in the first place.

Other things I’d like to know: Did Thor’s hair get longer? Or just wavier? Why is it so pretty anyway? How large a role will the Black Widow and Hawkeye have? What crowd was that after the shot of Loki? And what’s that giant, potentially really awesome thing at the end? Why did Thor and Iron Man go to superhero fisticuffs, anyway? Was it because Thor wanted to save the whales, and Iron Man thought this wasn’t the time?

With luck, May 4 will answer all those questions, and some I didn’t even think of.



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