Things I’ve Learned This Week

Things I’ve Learned This Week:

  • Sometimes, if only sometimes, there is justice for survivors of sexual abuse.
  • Joe Biden is my all-time favorite Vice President. While sometimes I laugh at the silly things he says, I have only admiration for his attempts to end violence against women. I couldn’t agree more, Joe: 1 is 2 Many.
  • What with Saudi Arabia, Brunei, and Qatar all sending women to the Olympics this year, I’m finally living in a world where no country is barring women from representing it at the Olympics, which, despite the way commentators talk about women athletes and the (often racist) gender policing of the Olympics, is making me a little more excited about the Games.
  • Unfortunately, the Supreme Court is cool with racial profiling. Thanks, Supreme Court!
  • I’m beyond tired of the “can women have it all” debate. I’m not even going to explain why, or link to any articles, because then I’ll be a part of the debate I refuse to take part in.
  • Sometimes people get carried away with their otherwise valid points, and someone in the world thinks “Magneto is [a] classic Jewish blood sucker”. In an article expressing disapproval about the way True Blood handled their quasi-Jew-inspired vampiric blood ritual, the author also expresses disappointment in the lack of Jewish characters and actors on the show. I completely understand the blood libel part, but I’m not sure that decrying the lack of Jewish actors on the show is particularly relevant. As for the Magneto bit, that came from someone in the comments, and I have to heartily disagree. Maybe this is my pro-Magneto bias talking, but Magneto, even when he’s a villain, is a sympathetic character. (I also learned that the people in the comments section of that article seem to overestimate the abilities of the goyim to identify a language they hear as being Hebrew.)
  • And finally, BatCat and I are actually Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Matching tattoos and everything. Give us a few years, this will be us:

No, I can’t provide any context for this picture.



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