Comic-Con Round-Up

First, a reminder: Captain Marvel #1 is released tomorrow. Buy it. I mean it. This is the only solo female series Marvel has right now, and with Kelly Sue DeConnick as its writer, has a woman at its helm. I do not want this cancelled. So buy it. Buy every issue.

Now, stuff that caught my interest over the Comic-Con weekend:

-I’m super pumped about the new Sandman serialized story that will feature art by the perfect-for-this-task J.H. William III. I just wish I knew how long a series it will be.

-You may have read my post about the necessity of the rumored Black Panther movie. Needless to say, I’m pretty disappointed that it wasn’t announced at Comic-Con, but Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy were. And, like a lot of people on the internet, I’m irritated about Louis D’Esposito’s response to why they aren’t making a Black Panther movie right now:

He [The Black Panther] has a lot of the same characteristics of a Captain America: great character, good values… But it’s a little more difficult, maybe, creating [a world like Wakanda]. It’s always easier basing it here. For instance, ‘Iron Man 3’ is rooted right here in Los Angeles and New York. When you bring in other worlds, you’re always faced with those difficulties.

Last time I checked, Black Panther is more rooted in reality than, say Guardians of the Galaxy, which features a tree person and a raccoon, along with humanoid aliens. In fact, I think Marvel’s taking a huge risk with Guardians of the Galaxy for a number of reasons, and it frustrates me even more that they think alien raccoons and trees are more relatable than black people.

Maybe Phase Three of Marvel’s film plans will include a Black Panther solo film. Hopefully by then, non-comics readers won’t be sick of superhero movies.

– Marjorie Liu apparently pitched a team comprised of Black Widow, Mystique, Elektra, and X-23. Mike Perkins was on board to draw. And Marvel said no. It wouldn’t sell. Yes, Marvel. I’m sure it wouldn’t have sold. Because Birds of Prey doesn’t sell or anything. (Not to mention that I think Marjorie Liu is one of the best mainstream comics writers right now.)

-And, to begin and end with Neil Gaiman, someone who doesn’t cause me angst, look at these super cool shirts on Threadless.


5 thoughts on “Comic-Con Round-Up

  1. While I agree that doing justice to Wakanda on the silver screen would present some unique challenges, I think that “they think alien raccoons and trees are more relatable than black people” sums up their attitude perfectly.

  2. I’m actually going to defend Marvel a little bit here. I would love a Black Panther film but Guardians of the Galaxy is hugely different to what has gone before, as is Ant-Man. Black Panther is very similar to Captain America, which isn’t a bad thing, but would actually damage the character and series more if it seems like Marvel are just repeating what was successful before.

    I don’t think the decision has anything to do with Black Panther being a Black character or his relatability.

    • Well, call me cynical, but I do think it has to do with his race. Honestly, though, I suppose what bothers me most about the response is the sentence, “When you bring in other worlds, you’re always faced with those difficulties.” Bringing in other worlds is exactly what they’re doing with Guardians, but they seem to be willing to accept that particular challenge.

      Perhaps you’re right and the similarities with Cap are the biggest problems for Marvel. But given how many years a Black Panther movie has been rumored on-and-off, I can’t help but let the cynical part of me win. And in general I’m more than a little tired of most movies being about white men, so I’m probably taking my general frustration out on Marvel.

      • There is definitely a strong argument for the superhero films to date missing a strong Black lead, either male or female. I also understand your frustration with the “other worlds” quote.

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