Badass Linkspam

I’m using my part-time wage slut, part-time worker-for-no-pay status as an excuse for three consecutive lazy posts. Sorry, world. On the bright side, you get some delicious, hand-picked linkspam for your consumption!

– Sometimes the rage of the almighty internet is used for good, and sometimes that rage results in action. A 17-year-old rape survivor who tweeted the names of the rapists (after they had already plead guilty) was facing jail time, because waaa rapists deserve privacy, especially rapists who take and distribute pictures of their crime. Thanks to the viral anger of the rest of the country, the District Attorney decided not to press charges against the survivor.

– A just plain badass article by Becky Chambers on The Mary Sue called “For Anyone Still Wondering, Yes, Women Can Wear Full Armor, Too.” The article rather concisely calls bullshit on the still-accepted argument that women have to wear skimpier armor than men for an arsenal of stupid reasons. And explains, for those of you on the internet who still seriously need this explained to you, that unrealistic costumes are based in het male sexual fantasies when they’re worn by women, and power fantasies when they’re worn by men. (Seriously, have you still not seen this comic? How?) For those of us who realize these things, it’s still a good read, especially if you sometimes find yourself floundering at the illogic of your opponents in arguments about this. It’ll help you more clearly define your points.

-Speaking of badass: introducing the BAMF Girls Club!

I love Lisbeth in this. I wish she’d had a little more screen time.

-In case that wasn’t enough badass for one day, here’s a tumblr I found thanks to the Mary Sue article. It’s called Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor, and it’s amazing.

– Archie Comics, inexplicably becoming one of the most daring and progressive comics publishers, is taking on the difficult class questions of the Occupy movement. Right on, Archie.

– As if this day couldn’t be more badass, new Storm Tokidoki shirt!

With that, I’ll let everyone go on with their badass days.



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