We started this blog because we’re sick of it. Sick of what? Everything: the prevailing stereotype that only men are geeks, the constant struggle in every facet of our lives to be taken seriously, the fact that men who we are smarter than don’t think we can load paper into a printer because we were born with different bodies.

Women aren’t ideas, or objects, or anything other than human beings. And we’re speaking for ourselves now.

We’re focusing on geek culture because we need a niche, and geek culture is where we thrive. We are geeks. And yet some of the greatest opposition to gender equality comes from our fellow geeks. We want to change that by raising awareness and engaging in intelligent discourse about the problems everyone who isn’t traditionally seen as “geek” (whether it be because of their gender, race, sexual orientation, whatever) face, and what we can do about these issues. We are the egalitarian geek, who thinks that if geek culture is meant to be an alternative to “normal” culture, it should be inclusive and welcoming to all people.

After a lifetime of frustration, we’re not gonna take it anymore.




Reach us at geekalitarian[at]yahoo.com

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw you liked a post of mine. I checked out your blog. I thought to myself “why am I not following this blog”. I have since rectified that.

  2. Hey!

    Your blog is F’ing RAD!! I’m a lady geek and love what you do (I am also a cook and am sick of annoying sexist bullshit). We are just as good and strong as anybody can be… My man actually found your blog, got super pumped and and sent it to me this morning…I just called my comic shop and they sold out of the new Captain Marvel #1. Can’t wait for their restock. Thank you for spreading your well-written insight and badass-ness. I will keep reading everything here.

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