Comic-Con Round-Up

First, a reminder: Captain Marvel #1 is released tomorrow. Buy it. I mean it. This is the only solo female series Marvel has right now, and with Kelly Sue DeConnick as its writer, has a woman at its helm. I do not want this cancelled. So buy it. Buy every issue.

Now, stuff that caught my interest over the Comic-Con weekend:

-I’m super pumped about the new Sandman serialized story that will feature art by the perfect-for-this-task J.H. William III. I just wish I knew how long a series it will be.

-You may have read my post about the necessity of the rumored Black Panther movie. Needless to say, I’m pretty disappointed that it wasn’t announced at Comic-Con, but Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy were. And, like a lot of people on the internet, I’m irritated about Louis D’Esposito’s response to why they aren’t making a Black Panther movie right now:

He [The Black Panther] has a lot of the same characteristics of a Captain America: great character, good values… But it’s a little more difficult, maybe, creating [a world like Wakanda]. It’s always easier basing it here. For instance, ‘Iron Man 3’ is rooted right here in Los Angeles and New York. When you bring in other worlds, you’re always faced with those difficulties.

Last time I checked, Black Panther is more rooted in reality than, say Guardians of the Galaxy, which features a tree person and a raccoon, along with humanoid aliens. In fact, I think Marvel’s taking a huge risk with Guardians of the Galaxy for a number of reasons, and it frustrates me even more that they think alien raccoons and trees are more relatable than black people.

Maybe Phase Three of Marvel’s film plans will include a Black Panther solo film. Hopefully by then, non-comics readers won’t be sick of superhero movies.

– Marjorie Liu apparently pitched a team comprised of Black Widow, Mystique, Elektra, and X-23. Mike Perkins was on board to draw. And Marvel said no. It wouldn’t sell. Yes, Marvel. I’m sure it wouldn’t have sold. Because Birds of Prey doesn’t sell or anything. (Not to mention that I think Marjorie Liu is one of the best mainstream comics writers right now.)

-And, to begin and end with Neil Gaiman, someone who doesn’t cause me angst, look at these super cool shirts on Threadless.


An RPG For the Rest of Us

Are you tired of medieval RPGs reflecting a Eurocentric view of everything? Of how uncreative developers can be with their universe’s cultural mythos? Of having only one humanoid race of non-white people to choose? Of the fact that everyone in the game is presumably heterosexual and cisgendered?

Introducing The Arkh Project. The Arkh Project is a video game whose developers seek “to make a game that focuses on queer people and people of color as main characters, and beyond that, allow people who are tired of mainstream gaming to have something completely off the wall and step into a new role.” The developers also intend to work with queer and/or PoC artists and programmers.

Basically, this is the RPG of my dreams. The concept sounds pretty cool, too:

“Follow the story of a deity bored with life amongst the gods, who leaves to find a purpose in life and seek out a lost love. Reincarnate your deity onto numerous worlds, live through the lives of others and gain life experience…but watch your God Energy, you need a lot of it to continue your astral journey.

Fight monsters only you can see, sometimes around very particular civilians who refuse to get the heck out of your way. Collect world-specific plants to enhance your healing items, and acquire numerous different kinds of weapons and scrolls from all different cultures.

The game draws inspiration from real mythos, from all sorts of different cultures, and each world reflects the culture it draws from.”

The character concept art looks pretty amazing. My favorite is Queen Zahira:

See that fancy dress? It’s made “from ethereal components that she reconstructed to exist in more planes.” She made the cloth herself, meaning she manages to be intelligent, badass-looking, and super pretty all at once. I’m on board.

In case you’re wondering what armor might look like:

The game is still in the development stage, but expect it to be released for the PC at some point.

Though there is more information which I could post, I’m stopping here because frankly I’m tired of navigating the hell that is tumblr. I’ll leave that to you, intrepid reader. In any case, I look forward to following the project’s progress (via their Facebook group), and hopefully playing the finished product.

In other race/fandom news, Racialicious has broken down Comic-Con for us in The Racialicious Guide to San Diego Comic-Con. I’m sure that one day, when I finally get to go to Comic-Con, there won’t be amazing panels that year, like How to Better Understand the Sociology Behind Cosplay or Subaltern Counterculture and the Strengths of the Underdog (which talks about Storm!). Sigh. Or I can be hopeful that talking about these issues at places like Comic-Con will become normal by the time I could go. But that would be optimistic.


Nerdy New Year

Because we’re milking the holiday season for all it’s worth, it’s time for some nerdy New Year’s Resolutions! (Hey, we’re on vacation too.)

1. Watch all three Lord of the Rings movies (extended editions) in a row, for the 10th time.

2. Sell soul and/or jewelry for Comic-Con moniez.

3. Stop crying because I see dragons (Joanna).


5. Complete superhero movie collection.

6. Re-evaluate Ren Faire garb/add more pieces.

7. Work on my real-life Mage Hand (Joanna).

8. Begin to play D&D (BatCat).

9. Create a fantasy internet web series.

10. Become internet blogging sensations with pointless ten-bullet lists.

-Joanna and BatCat

Best and Worst of 2011

It’s that time again! That time of the year when everyone everywhere is making lists about the year coming to a close. Not ones to be left out, here’s our short list of the best and worst of the year.


Worst Advertisement: Skyy Vodka

This has nothing to do with geek culture, but it pretty much sums up everything awful about 21st century American society. Unfortunately, we have to post the picture here, or else those of you who have been spared from seeing it wouldn’t know what we’re talking about.

What else really needs to be said?

Worst Character Redesign: Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

We’ll admit that we haven’t actually picked up Suicide Squad. However, anything that involves Harley Quinn making clown car jokes about her ladyparts and dressing like this:

is something we’re incapable of approving of.

Worst Mass Reboot: The New 52

As we have expressed in earlier blogs, we’re not entirely satisfied with DC’s opinion of what a strong woman is. Our feelings are best described by this comic rendition of every day of our lives, done by David Willis:

Worst Non-Geek Movie: The Change-Up

Any movie where a five-year-old girl is, even jokingly, referred to as a “bitch” is not a movie we ever want to see. Unfortunately, we did see it. The first ten minutes of the movie was just poop– literally. And that set the tone for the next two hours. Other than that, it was a poorly, redundantly plotted storyline with stereotypical characters and, well, Jason Bateman could have done so much better.

Worst Propaganda: Frank Miller’s Holy Terror

Leave it Frank Miller to make the most offensive, ignorant right-wing graphic novel of 2011. Miller, in defense of his comic, cited the fact that Superman and Captain America both had the privilege of punching Hitler. However, there’s a big difference between punching Hitler and punching Germany.


Best Video Game: Skyrim

Need we say more? If you don’t know what that is, that’s a person absorbing a dragon’s soul– two, if we’re not mistaken. Yeah.

Best Reason to Look Forward to December 2012: The Release of The Hobbit Trailer

Even though we have to wait a whole year for this (and then another whole year for part 2), the return of Tolkien to the big screen is better than Breaking Dawn: Part Three and Orlando Bloom’s acting combined. (Not that that says much.)

Best New Comic Character: Alejandra

While Ghost Rider got the axe early, it was full of inspiration and triumph… for four issues. Alejandra was pretty badass. She wore clothes, and destroyed all sin. Of course, that last part can be problematic, but there are always occupational hazards.

Best Marvel Moment: Comic-Con

Of course this wasn’t organized by DC. Marvel held a series of panels at the New York and San Diego Comic-Cons, highlighting and discussing the place of women in the comics industry, both as creators and as characters.

Best Buddies: Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in Paul

While the rest of the movie was pretty lackluster, the portrayal of two big nerds was relatable to nerds everywhere. Unlike many pop culture portrayals of nerds, it was realistic. Also, buddies on a big nerd road trip is basically our ideal movie. We also saw our lives flash before our eyes, especially because Nick Frost’s character was writing sci-fi novels and Simon Pegg’s was illustrating them.

-Joanna and BatCat